Phone: (52) 624 173-0203
US Line: (619) 730-0337

Dear  Monica and Staff at the Homestore, I was so surprised and happy to see a furniture store near Home Depot!  Great location, easy access, and such wonderful stuff.  The inventory is varied and beautiful.  Everything is there from small accents to a full design center.  And what a bonus, Monica!  The staff was very helpful when I was in need of simple bar stools, they had them, in stock, an easy quick purchase for a respectable price.  Now we are investing in a sectional sofa that will be designed, built and delivered to our home.  We know we will be very satisfied with the result.  It is great having this store so convenient with items you can immediately purchase and take home, or if it isn’t in stock, they will order it, or build it to suit.  Monica and the staff are so personable and helpful.  Knowing Monica as I have for several years now, she will deliver what we expect.

Janice and Rich Riggs – El Encanto De La Laguna