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When we were new homeowners in Cabo I had the good fortune to walk into the conveniently located “THE HOME STORE” to browse and perhaps purchase some of the many, very cute accessories therein. Little did I know that there was much greater depth and talent than was displayed on the floor? Monica and her staff have now assisted me extensively in the decorating of our home in Querencia. In addition they have helped me with two rental condos. There is no task too large nor too small and my relationship with them has been pleasant, creative and useful. I have used their services for reupholstering, redecorating, purchasing of artwork and great accessories. They leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of just the right piece or fabric. They are responsive, talented and very willing to work within varying budgets. It is a pleasure to recommend their services and to continue to do business with them.

Alexandra (Alli) Gulliver – Querencia Golf Resort