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Let us come in and make a few changes without any commitment to pay.

If you don’t like it we can take our accessories back.

Just by re-arranging your furniture, adding some pillows, good lamps, accessories and art, and you will want to keep it all!!  Try us especially if you are trying to sell your condo or home.

Buying Trips

Consists of taking clients to Wholesale Int’l Furniture Shows in Las Vegas (Jan and Aug), or to High Pt. N.C (Oct and April) and to Guadalajara (Feb and Sept) to see the Mexican Furniture and Accessories shows.

They are all fabulous events with 100’s of suppliers to visit with all under one roof.

This allows you to get wholesale pricing and working on a Cost plus basis with us.

You pay whole sale prices, the packing, shipping and our fees and still come out ahead of retail pricing you will find in any store.

If you desire to leave the Show and go to visit the suppliers workshop, that is possible to arrange and a grand experience as well.

Custom Designed Furniture

You get to pick fabrics, leathers, finishes and colors right on the spot which makes the goods you select custom made!! And no one else will have a piece like yours.

This mainly falls under carpentry, wrought iron, upholstery, and Art.

This is where you get to have something made just the way and size you want it if you can’t find it or are just ready to be creative.

Our carpenters are top notch and if need be we can to go San Miguel de Allende, a lovely artsy and very safe Mexican town near Queretaro, where you will fine impeccable carpentry and the finest woods.


We use renders to help you visualize what you want and fabric color boards to show you what best combines with your own furniture and dream furniture we will be ordering for you.  We will show you options based on measurements of what best fits in the space, and of course what best fits your budget.

Importing and Shipping Goods to Cabo

You are allowed a ONE TIME only OMENAJE de casa via the American Embassy,  if you want to save on shipping your used goods to Mexico.

If so, contact the American Embassy at Tiendas de Palmilla for further info.  If not, we keep a warehouse in SD that has a truck that comes down to Cabo Every Friday and is here by Monday.

We import goods weekly and can have them taken directly to your home in Cabo.

We have worked with them for 6 years with no complaints.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

We have catalogs of gorgeous chandeliers, scones, table and standing lamps to show you. Just Ask. Lamps are very hard to find in Cabo so these items fly off the floor.

If you require outside lighting to highlight your view of the ocean, or to illuminate your dark arroyo path to get home, or to show off your than you’re inside furniture with the fabulous weather we have 9 months a year here.

Paint Finishes

We have expert painters that can do Paladium wax finishes, Venetian Plaster, Faux finishes, Solid and Antique or distressed finishes.

They are bilingual and work in a tidy, organized fashion.

Patio Furniture

We have many options via CD and websites to show you if you can’t find it in our store.

Any Cabo Home needs good sturdy patio furniture that will last you years as you will use it more than you’re inside furniture with the fabulous weather we have 9 months a year here.


THE HOME STORE team can help you transform your interior and exterior spaces according to your daily lifestyle. Sometimes adding color, changing window treatments and reupholstering sofas and decorative pillows can make a less costly big change.


Is something we all need in our Cabo Home, re-upholstering adds color and changes a room quickly.

The Cabo Sun can fade any fabric very easily so we use Sunbrella and Robert Allen that warranty their fabrics.

Our local upholsters come in daily for their work and give us great pricing as we keep them so busy.

The most common item we do it is pillows and Sofas.

Wall Coverings

They have definitely come back in full force. Forget what your grandmother had and take a look at our samples from Italy and France. These wall papers make your wall look so real you want to touch it.

Even covering one wall behind the head board is enough to make a statement that will empress everyone…Some even have a lifted appearance which adds depth to the room.

Window Treatments

We will go to your home and take the correct inside and outside mount measurements of your window spaces and recommend what size rod, color, thickness, and fabric will go with your furniture.

We will show you if you need black out fabrics, just sheers or even window tinting to protect your goods from the strong Cabo Sun.

If curtain panels are not your style then we will recommend our blinds specialist to quote Rollups, or Roman blinds for the window or slider.

We keep many sample swatches by Robert Allen and fabric books in the store for you to browse through.

Wood Beams and Brick Finishes

Imitation or real wood beams can be added to any room to make it look rustic and heavy yet warm. Also imitation brick and stone finishes can be applied to inside and outside walls to give your home something different from the rest on your street.

Furniture for all economies and styles!