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Our golf villa at Diamante was severely damaged by Odile. Rather than just making repairs we decided to hire an interior designer to enhance the look of the villa. We use it as a second home and it had a new and sterile feel to it. We were introduced to Monica and her staff by a local golf professional who lives in Cabo. We met with Monica and Julia to discuss our color preferences and overall style. In working with artists we have learned to let them be creative and not micromanage. We provided our color preferences and a general look. We always want creative people to exceed our vision of what is possible and in this case they certainly did. Monica introduced us to Victor who is her faux painter. We explained that we were trying to add age and warmth to the villa. Victor exceeded our expectations and we are still trying to figure out how he created some of the faux looks. Window treatments, artwork, furniture and upholstery were all updated or replaced where needed. The team did a great job in reusing the damaged furniture including painting and reupholstering some pieces. Nothing was wasted or replaced unless necessary. We have spent many weeks in the villa after the redesign and are still finding great little details. The project took six months and stayed in budget primarily due to the reuse of existing pieces. We highly recommend Monica, Julia and THE HOME STORE team for interior design services.

Debbie y David Begin – Diamante Golf villa 33